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AFS offers fully automated feed production systems based on our proprietary Master Mill and Master Mill Mini batch management systems.  Whether you want to update an existing manual feed batching system or install a completely new system, we can provide you with a complete, customized solution based on our Master Mill and Master Mill Mini batching systems.  With a few simple buttons or mouse clicks, you can choose your recipe and start production.  The system will automatically select your ingredients, weigh them, mix them, and deliver the newly produced feed to a storage bin or portable mixing cart.

Master Mill Mini

Master Mill Mini Batch Controller, our more basic system, is a powerful, easy to use, feed batch controller that allows you to make custom recipes from raw ingredients right on your farm. Unlike basic setpoint controllers, the Master Mill Mini controller will store your recipes for you to use again and again. The controller tracks running totals of the quantity of each ingredient used, the quantity of each recipe produced, and the weight sent to each destination. (Are these all weights? Could maybe reword: …running totals of the weight of each ingredient used, of each recipe produced, and of each destination chosen.) The systems flexibility allows for easy customizations like starting an extra conveyor for a specific destination or extra cleanout time on a unique auger.

The Master Mill Mini hardware includes a full color touch screen making batch creation, recipe entry and editing, and settings changes both easy and intuitive. A trusty industrial-grade Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the brain of the system. The PLC stores all information and controls feed measurement and production while allowing easy on-site customization.

Master Mill

Master Mill Batch Management Software is a more powerful software program capable of controlling mills of almost any size. It will control the equipment and read multiple scales simultaneously to mix your recipes, then send the feed to the desired locations and provide advanced, customized reports. Master Mill can be scheduled to start feed production automatically at a chosen time or initiated remotely from any web connected computer. It can even keep you informed with status and alarm text messages sent to your cell phone.

AFS has developed an advanced software program that runs on a PC and integrates with an industrial grade PLC to provide a powerful, robust system for feed production operations of all sizes with a wide array of features. The extensive database of Master Mill Batch Management Software can print fully customized reports including inventory, feed costing, resale pricing, load tickets, customer information and usage, and more. It can simplify your work even further by tracking inventory at true cost and integrating with any open-database accounting software.

Master Mill Mini Master Mill
Data Storage On Controller Access or SQL Database w/ accounting integration
Reporting On-Screen Running Usage Totals Fully Customizable, Highly Detailed, Printable Reports
2nd Scale for Micro Ingredients Yes (simultaneous batching to both scales)
Max # of ingredients 10 Unlimited
Max # of Recipes 10 Unlimited
Max # of Destinations 10 Unlimited
Main Operator Interface 6″ Touchscreen PC
Possible number of Remote Access Terminals 1-3
Text Message Alerts Yes
Batch Scheduling Yes