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Automatic Farm Systems is a great company to work with. They have built dust collection systems, augers, and special built equipment for our company, Vernon Martin and his team stand behind their work and have been a real blessing to partner with!!

Sam Fisher, Sherman’s Valley Recycling LLC

Birchcraft Kitchens had the pleasure of using AFS to install a complete dust collection system in our new facility. I talked with Vernon about the need for it to be turnkey. The installers were proffessionals and the dust piping and drops were done to perfection. Every hook up was ready for us to move machinery in. We have continued to use AFS for all preventative maintenance and service calls. I have dealt with a few “other” dust collection companies in the past. AFS has earned my continued business.

Tim Howe, Birchcraft Kitchens

Prior to working with AFS and installing a dust system per their recommendation, we struggled constantly…. Ed, AFS’s sales rep, was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable in designing and sizing a dust collection unit…. We continue to rely on Ed’s knowledge as we incorporate new machines into the production line.

AFS’s install crew was very professional, meticulous and timely.  It didn’t take long to see the results we were hoping to achieve. We saw an improved environment (no dust in the air, no downtime, machine area kept clean). Our future plans are to add a 15,200 sq. ft. building… will require an additional dust collection unit. There is no question that Ed and the crew at AFS will continue to be involved and help us plan for this addition.

Lee Peachey, Mountainside Wood Products, LLC

Before we started using AFS, …we struggled with blockage in the dust collection pipes. After we had AFS engineer and properly size our equipment & pipes for the volume of air and material we were putting through, a huge percentage of our problems disappeared. AFS has now installed numerous dust collection systems for us and we will continue to use them….  The staff at AFS is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful through the whole process, from system design to installation. After the various installations were completed it was rare that we needed service because the installation is always done professionally and the engineering has been specific to our needs. When we do need help with service or preventive maintenance, AFS has always been there for us.

Ben Kauffman, S & L Spindles

Even though dust collection systems are costly, we have never had a system installed that we were not happy with or felt that the project was not worth the money we spent on it. IF YOU HAVE DUST COLLECTION ISSUES…..AFS IS YOUR ANSWER!!

Ben Kauffman, S & L Spindles

Keystone Wood Turning has been in business since 1988 and has been working with AFS since 1995. Prior to having AFS help us with wood chip & dust control, we had a poorly engineered and constructed dust collection system that we tried to set up ourselves. We thought that we could not afford to have professionals set up a system for us, but after years of operating without enough air flow, no air return system, and a lot of lost heat in the winter time, we called on AFS to design a system to meet our specific needs. We have found them to be very professional and knowledgeable in designing systems that work for us. We are currently operating two 30 HP systems 10 hours a day plus two smaller systems. These systems have been designed by AFS and our plant is much cleaner and the dust is controlled. AFS also provides preventive maintenance for us so that we can focus on wood turning and not worry about keeping our dust system running.

Ammon Zimmerman, Keystone Wood Turning

Prior to using the products and services offered by AFS we had a very inadequate dust collection system. Working with AFS has always been a very smooth process and our two dust collection systems are performing to the expectancy that was promised.  The AFS staff was thorough, friendly, and prompt in the complete process.  The bottom line result is a dust extraction system that is effective, therefore enhancing production, quality and cleanliness of our facility.

Tim Yoder, Tilo Industries

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