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Grain Drying Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Processing Equipment

Custom Manufactured Equipment and Components

Dust Collection Systems

Electrical Control Systems Weighing Systems

Complete Feed Processing Mills

Grain Handling and Storage Systems

Grain Bins

Feed Hopper Tanks







Bagging Equipment

Weighing Systems

Custom Manufactured Equipment and Components

Grain Drying Equipment

Grain Handling Systems

Electrical Control Systems

Weighing Systems

General Maintenance and Repairs

Bin transportation and erection

Downspout installation and repair

Elevator installation and service

Roof Auger Installation

Full Service Crane Rental

Hi-Def CNC Plasma Cutting (up to 1 1/2″ thick)

Hoppers and Bins



Complete Component and Assembly Manufacturing

My experience with AFS has been very positive. My past experience with another company had been very frustrating when it came to downtime and repairs, it seemed like they were more concerned with whose fault it was than getting the problem fixed. We have nothing but positive results with AFS, from design to installation and finally for support after the project is completed. The end result was that we had a system that worked.

Sam Kauffman, SK Organic Grain

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